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Would you like to know how old you really are? The epiAge test reveals your biological age. The patented epiAge test procedure uses the methylation markers on your DNA to determine your actual epigenetic age – with the utmost scientific accuracy.

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Regain Control over your Age

Biological age is an important pointer on your way to a long and healthy life. But many factors, such as daily habits or stress levels, affect it. Once this baseline – your epigenetic age – has been determined, you can then screen your lifestyle to make meaningful changes. Indeed, the methylation markers on your DNA are reversible. So this is the good news: you have control over your age. Day by day and year by year.

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This is how the epiAge Testing Kit Works

epiAge offers you an easy-to-use DNA analysis kit to calculate your biological age. Based on a simple saliva test, you will obtain an estimation of your epigenetic age within a few weeks.

epiAge Germany collaborates with the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Moshe Szyf – one of the leading epigeneticists worldwide, based at the renowned McGill University in Montreal. So take advantage of this cutting-edge scientific expertise to plan new health-promoting measures and anti-ageing strategies as well as regularly monitor their effectiveness.

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Your Age is more than a Number

Just change it! Any doctor will confirm that certain behaviours have positive effects on your health – and thus also on your ageing process: eat a balanced and varied diet, get enough regular exercise, make sure you get plenty of regenerating sleep, avoid stress and refrain from smoking as well as excessive alcohol consumption.

Your epiAge test result will then either confirm that you are on the right track or provide the impetus for change.

The epiAge test provides you with a personalised age check. Depending on whether your biological age is higher or lower than your chronological age, you can evaluate your own lifestyle and, if needs be, draw conclusions for change. Even better: with a follow-up test, you can monitor your efforts by checking their effects on your ageing process. Why not slow it down by a couple of years?

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Product Features

State of the art DNA research embedded in a user-friendly consumer product

Scientific accuracy

Precise age-monitoring

Effectiveness testing of your personal anti-ageing regimen

Triple Sequencing with NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) by Illumina

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